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Cyber Action for Social Change

New Book -
The Audacity of Cyberspace: the struggle for Internet power

The Audacity of Cyberspace

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Editions Blair

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Professor Thomas L Blair's new book, The Audacity of Cyberspace: the struggle for Internet power, reveals how Black internet activists were demanding equality and social justice a decade before President Barack Obama's "net-generation" launched his journey to the White House.

Globally, the children of the digital age created their own Internet - "Yes We Can". Surprisingly, information-poor Black communities in the USA, Britain and Sub-Saharan Africa were amongst the first progressive voices.

Their radical cyberactivism - for good government and life-chances - must surely have impressed Barack Obama, the young community organiser in the volatile but aspiring Black voting districts of Chicago.

Create your own handbook for Internet power from an array of:

  • Case studies of how people at the bottom of the information pyramid are Taming the New Technologies
  • Reviews of the most important training projects for community-based cyberorganisers and information scientists
  • Profiles of 200 or more Online Community Organisations creating social capital, cultural diversity and political action
  • Articles promoting strategies to connect communities, expand Internet access and tackle the scourge of the Digital Century ­ information poverty

"Sound advice for best practices in adapting information technology, and a handbook for 21st century cyberaction for e-Black Power."
Prof Abdul Alkalimat, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, Urbana

"Investing in the new information technology is a key factor in the future of Black communities"
Devon Thomas, Black community leader and consultant, Brixton Business Forum, London

"Thomas Blair refutes the stereotype of a technologically ignorant Africa by citing hard data and anecdotes, showing the The Audacity of Cyberspace extends to, is embraced by and benefits the entire continent - with the promise of so much more to come."
Adam C Powell III, Vice Provost for Globalization, University of Southern California

"Prof Blair addresses many contentious, but little understood, Internet, communications and technology social issues"
C Gerald Fraser, former New York Times reporter, and member, National Association of Black Journalists

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