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Cyberaction for Social Change features the writings of Prof Thomas L Blair on resolving urban, social and environmental issues changes and innovative ideas for action.

The frenetic reactions of politicians and the media, even of some quality national dailies, to social problems offers increasing scope for specialists like myself to write about the crises of modern society in a more analytical and considered manner. The articles in Features will stress that social problems stem from structural fault lines in society itself and in the search for solutions we must address some lingering questions. Here are some forthcoming Features.

Habitat - Planning Human Settlements

When will we recognise that human settlements problems are global in nature and require global attempts at solutions?

Urban Renewal and Regeneration

Why do big regeneration projects, such as at Kings Cross, have such a major impact on surrounding areas -- and what can be done? Haven't we been through this before? Why can't we plan to reduce the damage?

Urban Pollution

Why is it that the poorest, least advantaged groups are likely to get hurt by our inability to deal with pollution of the urban environment? Who has done the social cost-benefit analysis?

Digital democracy

What can we do to make the Internet a powerful tool for empowering grassroots communities?

Institutional racism

New name for the same old, same old racial oppression?

Celebrating the bicentenary of Slavery Abolition by the British parliament

When will historians accept that the slave rebellions in the British West Indies influenced the tactics of abolitionists in England ? And, vice versa, that the rhetoric of the abolitionists emboldened rebel leaders?

Media and ethnic minorities

Are bold new action plans needed to meet the ethical challenges of media diversity and democracy?


Our features drawn from the Editions Blair Archive will, I hope, help illuminate the background to social problems and prospects in a world of change.

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