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Fair Media

FAIR MEDIA - British blacks challenge the nation's newsrooms

UK newsrooms stand accused of betraying multi-cultural Britain. This charge comes in the wake of a recent damning indictment by the New Statesman in 2012.  The evidence unnerved some editors of metropolitan dailies and Sundays who are concerned about the potential fallout for the reputation of the media that is seeking to show it has recovered from recent controversies. 

Yet, there still is no change in the paltry numbers of Black and minority ethnic journalists. No respite in the misrepresentation of Black communities that fuel race tensions.

Black journalists and community leaders have redoubled their challenge to the whites-only culture in British newsrooms. Their best opinions, case studies and personal histories in this collection are an antidote against a media culture where white commentators dictate what is good for Black people.

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"A l'heure où une jeunesse exclue force la cadence du changement urbain,

Ce livre provocateur, intelligent et passionné est le guide de survie des intellectuels noirs. Son analyse basée sur l’expérience noire dans l'Afro-Europe et les solutions qu'il propose seront favorablement accueillies dans toutes les régions du monde noir"
Essai et photos par Thomas L Blair

Traduction par Valérie Kanza de l'anglais de Thomas L Blair Pillars of Change

Editions Blair,copyright 2011
ISBN 978-1-908480-01-9

Maintenant disponible en eBook (epub).

Bienvenue à tous nos amis et pour réunir le diaspora en Angleterre et Europe avec Afrique francophone: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, RCA, Comores, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Guinée, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritanie, Niger, Sénégal, Tchad, Togo.

Et à tous des originaires d’Afrique et aux descendants d’Africains disséminés dans le monde par la tragédie des razzias négrières, pour plupart exerçant des activités différentes mais tous unis par la même volonté– la nécessaire refondation du Peuple Noir et Panafricanisme.

Si vous désirez être tenu informé de nos publications, veuillez addresser Prof Thomas L Blair tb@thechronicle.demon.co.uk

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Pillars of Change

Thomas L Blair

  "Provocative, intelligent and impassioned, Pillars of Change is a survival guide for Black scholars as alienated youth force the pace of urban change. Based on the Black experience in Afro-Europe, the analysis and solutions will be welcomed in all parts of the Black World."

Rebellious Black French youth exposed the failure of "integration" in the land of liberty, equality and fraternity in the worst riots in 40 years in 2005.

But there is a less well-known and potentially more far-reaching result than civic disruption.

Thomas L Blair says they forced leading Black elites and scholars to recognise the need to draw strength from urban youth cultures and to promote Afro-European Studies to educators and policymakers.

Furthermore, they should use the tools of the Information Age to digitise Black History and link the African Digital Diaspora in cyberspace.

This, he says, will help shape the identity and power of coming generations and lay the foundations for greater understanding among people in multicultural democracies.

Table of Contents:

Elements of Change: Immigration and its effects; Distress; Attitudes towards Blacks are less welcoming; The historic present; Inevitable results of change

"We're Black and Proud": The scholars story; Youth's story; The social change story; What then is the role of the Black intellectual?; Thoughts on an ending

Urbanism and Poetics: Youth's urban cultures challenge Black poetics; Respect for youth and all who labour; Towards African European Studies; Digitising the African Diaspora;

Homage to Mme Y C Diop Mother Africa in Europe : Fundamental source of ideas; Niam n'goura; The mes of solidarity; "I must go on"

What Can We Do? - Resources and Further Reading - Notes on the author Acknowledgements

Pillars of Change is a lucidly written account of the conflicted yet inter-linked destinies of Black youth and intellectuals in often hostile western societies.

It was forged in the great halls of the Sorbonne and UNESCO in Paris 2007 on the occasion of the 50 th anniversary celebrations of the 1 st International Congress of Black Writers and Artists in 1956.

The celebrants were led by renowned personalities of liberal inspiration: Mme Yandé Christiane Diop, director of Présence Africaine and the grand dame of African culture and literary expression.

Among them were Wole Soyinka, writer and Nobel laureate, and Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Director, W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, Harvard University .

Biographical Note

Thomas L Blair is a sociologist and editor and publisher of the Chronicleworld http:// www.chronicleworld.org , the Internet magazine on the Black experience in Britain and Afro-Europe.

His website CyberAction for Social Change http://www. thom blair.org.uk showcases his work on urbanisation and racial integration in world cities. Both have been honoured by The British Library for inclusion in the first national archive of web sites on communities and cultures.

Edition Blair is a new imprint aimed at general and academic readers, and launched in the UK in mid-2007. Our publications will help readers "make use of the past to keep up with the present and future trends".

All rights reserved Copyright © Edition Blair May 2007

Now available as an eBook (epub).

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Your participation is welcome
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