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In Post-war Social Housing Areas of Black and Ethnic Minority Concentration in Inner London

A Report by Thomas L. Blair , 1997, Fellow, Sociology and Urban Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London


Summary of the Context and Rationale

This study examines a popular portfolio of urban policy action, namely area-wide housing renewal, affecting Milton Court a social housing estate in London with significant populations of Afro-Caribbean, Africa , and Asian residents.

The author argues that though the study of small areas is a well-established focus of social science and social policy disciplines, its application in inner city social housing areas faces serious challenges.

There is evidence of three key factors emergent in the last decade:

  •  A flawed conception and use of housing renewal and area regeneration policies and strategies;

•  An increased concentration of black and ethnic minority household in the most disadvantaged social housing areas, and as a consequence

•  There are greater demands on housing institutions and policy makers to predict and respond to the needs of new residents for service provision.

Proposed solutions should address the need to:

  •  Integrate social and physical area and neighbourhood renewal

•  Develop awareness of the needs and contributions of disadvantaged communities; and

•  Foster new “best practices” for housing institutions, urban policy makers and professionals.


Enquiries and further details on the report may be obtained from Editions Blair Archives:

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